Tulika Das



My artworks are mostly expressed through colours and soft shapes, sometimes staged with figurative style. I move between subjects in categories of nature, landscape, animals, and people, mainly in abstract, semi-abstract or illustrative forms. I primarily work with Acrylic on canvas, where each piece is produced after day-dreaming and planning the layout in my head.

The inspirations are drawn from the walks of life – nature itself, a print on a bag, cracks cutting across road markings, or something that catches the eye for a second and fleets away leaving only a blurry impression behind.

Besides, Australia is such an inspiration for artists and art lovers. There’s art everywhere — fascinating murals on walls of narrow side streets, gigantic iconic sculptures dispersed throughout the city, swathing landscapes of endless fields, glowing beaches, those green sheep-spotted hills, and the decorated suburbs of Victoria – they strike a chord, make me pull out my paints and brushes and pour down a few thoughts on canvas. It’s my release and it’s my addiction.