Pip Phelps



In It For the Long Run…For Your Investment!

Hi there, I hope you’re well! I’m Western Australian artist with a love for painting beautiful turquoise seascapes. My journey into professional art started with a family friend’s request on my maternity leave (from the podiatry clinic) several years ago – ‘There is a magical place that my family love to escape to, can you paint it for me please?’

The abundance of bright beach life on my home coast is a constant inspiration that I cannot ignore no matter how hard I try. The resulting seascapes provide calming holiday inspiration and have the power to enrich both corporate and home environments. Having grown up on the West Australian coast I’m becoming well known for painting the idyllic scenes of my much loved and well trodden home beaches. From playing on the beach with my big brother, within view from the kitchen window, to holidaying at Rotto, to living and surfing at Trigg and Scarborough, lifesaving at North Cott and swimming for West Coast Swim Club …WA waters are a constant inspiration. I will not rest until I paint perfect shallow sunlit water…which could take another 40 years.. which makes your investment in my art a safe bet 😉 I imagine a self funded retirement in 25 years filled with painting around the Australian coast. My work is affordable in order to be sustainable for my family’s future and allow my wonderful friends and supporters to purchase my work now while they can enjoy it… Some very successful artists predict a large increase in the value of my work in years to come, I do hope so..so I can keep doing what I am mad (literally) about!