Katrina Okoronkwo

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My work is expressive and bold, with an urban edge. 
Inspiration strikes me from every angle! And my work is a faithful representation of this.

Many of my pieces are completely spontaneous, created with a feverish energy using the tools at hand. Often I want to capture a moment, or emotional experience – in order to record it in a beautiful way.

Portraiture however, is an artform I dedicate endless hours toward. A traditional portrait rendered in charcoal or oils can take many weeks of devotion. My goal is to create an authentic and emotionally moving image of the sitter.

My love of ballet and dance is undeniable. Often I close my eyes and escape to the depths of the inky blue stage and gleaming white stage lights, grasping my palette knife & Prussian Blue paint to record the glistening swans moving across the water. A deep appreciation of the human figure has emerged from this. Observing the fluidity, strength & grace of dancers provides endless inspiration for me.

As my practice evolves, certain artworks demand more mastery of my tools in terms of rendering form & realism. I love exploring this at times, working with the more traditional mediums of charcoal and oil paint.

The unchanging element in my work is my fascination with deep inky, earthy hues to render form in a seductive and rugged way.



No products were found matching your selection.