George Hall


George is a multi-media artist based in Sydney Australia, with paintings and mixed-media works represented in private and public collections globally.

Trained in formal figurative practices and techniques, honed over three decades in international textile and fashion design, George now paints seven days a week, loves turning mistakes into ideas, and is equally adept observing formal rules and breaking them for a reason.

His work is energetic, calming and whimsical, and reflects the semi-tropical colours of his native New Zealand, a Fijian childhood and the dazzling colours of Australian nature and urban life. He incorporates layers in mixed media, acrylics, collage and glazes, applied with brushes, sponges and rough-textured towels and sometimes dyeing natural canvas first to create background and depth.

George’s art is fluid and uplifting, with signature collections including The Funk, Freehand, Optimist Heart, Silent Paradise, News, and the Gradual series.