Colin Madgwick



Welcome, and thankyou for viewing my profile. I’m a Perth artist of 19 years’ experience, working mainly in oils, but not averse to dabbling in other media occasionally. I like to deal with a variety of subjects – the sea and coastal scenery, retro still life, transport, and figure studies, to name a few. Attention to detail and a quality finish are important to me; sometimes too much so! (I’m sure psychologists could diagnose a hopelessly obsessive personality through my work…). The painting knife is my tool of choice, for its versatility and the texture it imparts. During a typical project, I’d spend about 30% of my time on planning and composition, 60% painting freely, and 10% wiping off and re-painting. Occasionally, I’ll complete a painting without any revisions, which is a very pleasant experience indeed! What inspires me? A glimpse of something from an unusual angle, an unexpected change in the light, or the renewal of hope after a bad day…..Thanks again for reading my profile. Kind Regards, Colin Madgwick.