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I am Robyn Gray, an acrylic artist from Toowoomba, Queensland. I work in a modern or romantic impressionist style. The subject matter for modern impressionist work is drawn from local scenes and depicted in vivid colours and the subject matter for my romantic impressionist work is gathered from different reference material, with the composition from my imagination. Predominantly I have been drawn to figures in landscape, which has resulted in building a demand from collectors for bespoke art commissions.

I have had a varied career ranging from office work, merchandising, dental receptionist and qualifying as a Diversional Therapist in my forties and working part time in this field for seven years in psychiatric/dementia care. I believe in the therapeutic value of creative pursuits, and that is why I decided to study Diversional Therapy. This varied career, I believe, gave me a lot of avenues to people watch, observe, and listen to their stories and that is why I think I am drawn to depict figures in landscape that tell a story to communicate through my art.

My inspiration comes from nature, the beach, and everyday scenes of life around us and I strive to convey the way the light picks up ordinary objects and turns them into extraordinary.

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No products were found matching your selection.